Murders Most Foul

A True-Crime Walking Adventure


Not a Normal Walking Tour

Step into the shoes of a 19th-century detective and discover the crime scenes of eight violent murders which took place in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

You will receive copies of actual police evidence, crime scene photography and witness reports from the investigations so you can compare the past with the present. You might even solve a cold-case murder mystery.

Your guide will reveal to you the exact locations where each tragedy occurred and some of these well known iconic locations will shock you!

The Eight Forgotten Murders of Surry Hills

Did you know Surry Hills was once considered Australia’s murder capital? So notorious it was said to rival New York’s Hells Kitchen and London’s White Chapel in its depravity.

Eight Surry Hills murders will be revealed to you, each shocked the nation.

These include…

  • The Surry Hills Silk Stocking Strangler,
  • The Woolloomooloo Rose,
  • Mary O’Hara and the Crown Street Horror.

Just a few of the horrors that were hidden from the public, until now.

Booking Your Tour

Operating days

DAY TOURS: Thur, Fri & Sun at 11 am

NIGHT TOURS: Thur at 7:00 pm

For the half-tour click here.

Where to meet

Central Railway Station


$40 – Price includes a copy of the

Murders Most Foul Casefile ebook

( ebook RRP is $19.99 on Amazon)

NSW Discover vouchers accepted

Use promo code: NSWDISCOVER


3 hours (Too long? check our 90-minute tour here)


4.5 km (approx 6,000 steps) & small hills.

End Point

Royal Albert Hotel on Reservoir Street

Night sessions the guide will walk you

to Central Station.

We all thought the tour was excellent,

and Elliot was a wonderful guide. The cost of the tour also includes an e-book with lots of articles, and all of the historical references. Highly Recommended.

You can also expect to

  • Learn about the history of Surry Hills.
  • Walk down some of the most beautiful and iconic streets in Sydney and discover interesting historical events and secrets.
  • See some of the most amazing Victorian and Edwardian architecture in Sydney, including one of the oldest houses in Australia.

Casefiles eBook

Your tour ticket comes with a complimentary copy of the Murders Most Foul: The Surry Hills Case Files ebook. The book contains the actual police evidence, crime scene photography, witness reports, newspaper articles and coroner’s reports for each case. As well as bonus information about the victims and perpetrators.

You will use the old photographs and maps to piece together the clues and try to determine the exact spot where the crime was committed or to reconstruct the events and potentially solve a cold-case mystery.

The book sells on Amazon for $19.99. However, with our exclusive tour offer, you will receive it free with your ticket.

A well deserved beer after the tour

Royal Albert Hotel

The tour ends at the Royal Albert Hotel (winner of Beer & Brewer’s Best Beer Venue 2021) on the corner of Reservoir Street and Commonwealth Street. A nice outside table is reserved for the Murders Most Foul tour gang.

The Royal Albert Hotel, built-in 1927 was an old watering hole for local coppers from Surry Hills, Darlinghurst and Kings Cross. Notorious patrons included Roger “The Dodger” Rogerson and Frank “Bumper” Farrell.

Please note that the night tours will end here, however, your guide will walk you back to Central Station to make sure you get back nice and safe.

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